Network Data

Network leaders and member organizations analyze student data in four different areas to help them identify areas that are interfering with college access and success:

  1. Achievement Data:  Data that reflect the degree to which students in grades K-12 are prepared academically  for college access / success.

  2. Student Choice Data:   Data that reflect the degree to which students are making choices that open the door to college access and success.

  3. Guidance Needs Data:  Data that reflect student knowledge about career and college exploration and planning, academic preparation and financial aid.

  4. Environmental Data:  Data that reflect environmental factors that impact college access and success such as child poverty rate, child abuse/neglect rates and teen pregnancy rate.

Data may be disaggregated by gender, race/ethnicity, lunch status, parental college status, and grade level.

Students may release their responses and contact information to targeted state agencies, colleges and their school counselor to receive follow-up information and career / college guidance.