Organizational Structure

Network Boundaries:  The Leadership Team defines the geographic boundaries of the College Success Network which may be the boundaries of a school district, county, region or state. 

Sub Networks:   Networks may establish sub-networks.  For example, a large urban area may wish to exist as a network of township-level sub-networks.  A state may wish to exist as a network of county-based sub-networks.  Each sub-network has the same management tools available to them as the larger overarching network.

 Leadership Team:  The Leadership Team may take on many membership structures.  However, many networks have a leadership team consisting of eight members including a representative of  1) local government, 2) economic development, 3) community foundations, 4) high schools, 5) higher education, 6) youth service organizations, 7) faith-based organizations, and 8) community service clubs.  The Leadership Team’s role is to recruit member organizations and facilitate strategic planning discussions with member organizations.

Member Organizations:  Member organizations may be any organization interested in college success and may include businesses, schools, agencies, faith-based organizations, youth-service organizations, and other organizations.