SI2 Newsletter for Start Up Steering Teams - December 2018

Please do not reply to this email.Contact Tina Weisman by email or call 812-349-4142 if you have questions.


We're very excited to start more in-depth work with your Steering Team. Please read below for important information and tips to help you stay on the right track with your SI2 work.


If you need to make any last minute changes on Steering Team members and/or their Point Positions, please do so immediately in order for members to receive all needed emails from SI2. Also, if you need to sign up any other members of your Steering Team for the webinar on January 3, please do so. You can register below.)


It is crucial that you keep a watch on the VTA process submission deadlines. You will have time to go through each step of the process satisfactorily if you don't let deadlines slide. A good plan is to get the Steering Team together (you may have already done this) and put together a Team calendar of who will do what and when.

Participating in each month's webinar will help you stay on track for building a strong school improvement plan. Ideally, you will gather as a Team together, participate in the live webinar, and then hold a work session immediately after the webinar. On webinar days, Tina will be available until 8:00 pm Eastern so you may contact her during your post-webinar work session.

We understand that not all members can attend all live webinars; for your convenience, the webinars are linked to the VTA process page the day after each webinar. Remember, you can watch these on many different devices, making them very versatile and portable. Be sure to hold a Steering Team work session as soon as possible after the webinar.


The focus for January is Data Collection. The data collected in this step will be used down the road to help you set goals and understand what may be getting in the way of those goals. The Steering Team members who fill the Achievement Data and Root Cause Data point positions will be in charge of this month's tasks. Team members in other point positions should support their work as needed.

During the webinar, Amy and Tina will show you how to enter achievement data including Mastery of ISTEP standards, classroom mastery grades, and any other assessments used in your school. We will also introduce you to SI2 surveys that will give you a tremendous amount of information about your students', teachers', parents', and community's perception of your school's current achievement. Finally, you will submit self-studies. We think you will be very pleased with the online system's method of helping you gather and disaggregate all this important data!


Registration is open for webinars! Please be sure to add these dates to your calendar and register for each webinar.

Jan 3 3:30 pm Required for Start Up Steering Team Members
These webinars help Steering Team members:
  • Understand and prepare for upcoming tasks
  • Receive updates about state agency activities
  • Ask pertinent questions concerning school improvement planning
Collecting Data Register
Feb 7 3:30 pm Vision Register
Mar 7 3:30 pm Achievement Goals Register
Apr 4 3:30 pm Root Causes Register
May 2 3:30 pm Interventions Register


If you have questions or need help, please don't hesitate to contact Tina Weisman, SI2 Strategic Planning Specialist, at or 812-349-4142. Don't forget the five minute rule!