SI2 Newsletter for Start Up Steering Teams - May 2018

Please do not reply to this email. Contact Tina Weisman by email or call 812-349-4142 if you have questions.


The best way to learn and understand your point positions and how they fit the over-all VTA process is to participate in the webinars where you can ask questions in real-time. If any members of the Steering Team have not yet registered for the webinar on May 2, please register now.

Please keep in mind that this webinar is quite detailed and there will be the opportunity for live Q&A. This is a "divide and conquer" section of the VTA process page, so it will help to have all Steering Team members present. If this is not possible, be sure to watch the video together and use it as a work session.


Keep up the good work of progressing through the process, step by step. It’s fascinating to see the SIP as it develops. It is truly the developing biography of your school and community--and your book is almost written!

The May SI2 webinar will give you guidance on this month’s submission: Interventions (specific practices to start eliminating Root Causes so Achievement Data can move upward). Using the Root Causes gleaned from last month’s intensive study, you can now develop clear-cut plans for teachers and other involved adults in and with your school to eliminate these roadblocks.

We strongly recommend participating in the webinar together and then holding a short work session to plan your Steering Team meeting. This month's work has several important steps. You will select Interventions and make sure your selections address Root Causes, external expectations, the student groups you've identified as needing particular attention, and other quality checks. You well set up your Interventions for further preparation planning.

As always, Tina is available until 8:00 pm every Wednesday. This is a great time to follow up with her about anything that wasn't clear during the webinar.

You may also schedule a team conference call with Tina on Wednesdays or between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Be sure and sign up for a team conference call anytime you feel the least bit unsure of any of the VTA steps!


Registration is open for the remaining webinar! Please be sure to add these dates to your calendar and register for each webinar.

RECOMMENDATION: We strongly encourage you to schedule a steering team work session soon after each webinar. Get those on each team member's calendar now!

May 2 3:30 pm Required for Start Up Steering Team Members
These webinars help Steering Team members:
  • Understand and prepare for upcoming tasks
  • Receive updates about state agency activities
  • Ask pertinent questions concerning school improvement planning
Interventions Register


If you have questions or need help, please don't hesitate to contact Tina Weisman, SI2 Strategic Planning Specialist, at weisman@asainstitute.org or 812-349-4142. Don't forget the five minute rule!