Indiana College and Career Readiness Survey

Welcome to the Indiana College & Career Readiness Survey

The Indiana College and Career Readiness Survey will be open from March 15 to June 15, 2019

The Indiana College and Career Readiness Survey (formerly known as the Indiana Redesigning School Counseling Survey) provides information about the degree to which Indiana students in grades three through twelve make sound choices in areas that help students succeed in a rigorous curriculum and continue their education after high school.

Survey Content:  The Indiana College and Career Readiness Survey consists of four data sets.  The first data set address 1) students postsecondary plans, 2) student engagement, and 3) the degree to which students make sound choices in areas that impact college access and success.  This data set appears on all schools’ surveys.  The other three data sets are optional and are designed to help schools design sound school counseling programs that address student needs.  These data sets address students’ guidance needs, student assistance needs, and students’ perceptions of the school counselors. *

Survey Administration:  The survey is administered online in the school setting by a school counselor, teacher, or school administrator.  Most students take around 30 minutes to complete the survey.

Survey Reports:  Survey results are reported online immediately online following the survey.  The public may view student choice and guidance needs data for an individual school, an individual county or the entire state.  Data is also disaggregated by various student groups such as a specific grade level or gender.**

Survey Uses:
School Improvement Planning:  School improvement teams may use the survey results to help identify student engagement issues that interfere with academic success in rigorous courses.  The survey data may also serve as baseline and follow-up data for specific school improvement strategies related to student engagement.

School Counseling:  Schools may use the results of all four survey sets to help design school counseling programs that better meet the needs of their students.  School counselors may also use the Online System to send targeted emails to students who have requested additional information from their school counselor during the survey.  For example, counselors may send a targeted email to students who reported they get all A’s and B’s, plan to go to college, but are not planning to take an AP or dual credit course in college in high school. 

College Outreach:  Colleges may use the Survey Online System to send targeted postal mailings or emails to students who are interested in their college and have requested information from colleges during the survey.  For example, colleges may send a targeted email about an upcoming summer outreach program to high school sophomores who report an interested in Information Technology during the survey.

** Group data for student assistance and student perception of their school counselor questions are only available to the lead counselor in each school.  Individual responses for student assistance and counselor perception questions are not stored and are never available on any report. 

Questions about the Online Survey?   

The Indiana College and Career Readiness Survey is provided by the American Student Achievement Institute (ASAI). Questions should be directed to ASAI at 812-349-4142 or