Indiana College and Career Readiness Survey

Welcome to the Indiana College & Career Readiness Survey

The American Student Achievement Institute is working to create a new student survey that will help schools determine the degree to which their students make sound choices that support academic achievement, college access and college completion.  The online survey also allows schools to add additional sets of questions during the set up process to help schools understand their students' 1) guidance needs, 2) counseling needs, and 3) perceptions of the school counselors’ knowledge, skills and dispositions.

Survey Administrator Instructions

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Primary Survey Tally Sheet
Please note that kindergarten, first, and second grades are surveyed on paper. Tallies may be entered in the RSC online system so that they are included in survey reports.

2017 Selected CCR Survey Results Presentation, IACAC, 2-27-2018

Surveys are available March 15 - June 15, 2018


  1. Set Up the Survey

Before administering the survey to your students, you will need to set up the survey online.  This is a simple process that only requires you to click a few buttons. 

You will need a Redesigning School Counseling (RSC) username and password to access this site. ASAI sent RSC usernames and passwords to the lead counselor at all public schools in February 2010.

If you are at a non-public school or have lost your username / password, please complete the RSC Username / Password Request Form and send by email to

  1. Give the Survey

Bring your students to a room housing computers with internet access.  Give your students the survey website and the survey code for their grade level (that you obtained during the set-up process).  The entire survey (all four question sets) should take about 30 minutes.

  1. See the Results Immediately!

Use your RSC password to login to the Indiana College and Career Readiness Survey Results Page.

Suggestion: After reveiwing your survey results, login to the Redesigning School Counseling Online System to develop your school counseling program goals and activities.


Questions about the Online Survey?   

Contact the American Student Achievement Institute at 812-349-4142 or