School Improvement Institute

The School Improvement Institute (SI2) is a network of Indiana schools committed to helping all K-12 students become prepared for success in postsecondary education and employment in a global economy.

SI2 Approach

SI2 schools use a proven, data-driven process to raise student achievement.

Leaders from SI2 schools meet monthly as a learning community via interactive webinars.  During each webinar, leaders learn one step of Vision-to-Action (VTA), a proven, step-by-step, data-driven process used by schools across Indiana to raise student achievement.  Following each webinar, leaders facilitate data-driven discussions with teachers, students and community members as they establish and implement their local vision, goals, root causes, and targeted interventions. 

ASAI provides significant technical support for schools including monthly written feedback and all resources needed for VTA implementation (data collection tools, discussion guides, scripted Power Point presentations, data reports, and more).  School improvement requirements for Indiana Public Law 221, Indiana Turnaround Schools, and Title I are embedded in the VTA process.